When I meet people for the first time, I usually like to ask them 3 questions:

I discovered after using this for a while it is similar to "FORD", which stands for "family, occupation, recreation and dreams", which is small talk technique, though usually I ask all 3 questions in one go. Over the years, I've talked to a lot of people. Lately, I've stopped doing this as much, but regardless, here are some archetypes I've found over the years:


A normal person is usually characterized by doing a single thing, enjoying some form of outdoor hobby/hobbies, and deriving life meaning from friendships/family. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The Nerd

A nerdy person (I find a lot of these) is usually characterized by doing a couple of things, having a couple odd hobbies, and often not knowing the meaning of their life, or at least are trying to find it. Usually the journey to find their meaning has led them to being very smart in a few areas (except EQ).

The Insane Nerd

The insane nerds align all 3 - what they do, what they enjoy doing, and what gives their life meaning. They have shed their mortal coil, disregarding much of human experience to become *insanely* good at what they do. Usually characterized by some form of mental instability and antisocial behavior, as God wants to nerf them. You may think it would be really awesome to be one of these people, in which case you should probably think about it more.

The Lost

Figuring themselves out. Usually trying a bunch of new things, and it is obvious they are really trying to look for life's meaning. Usually they land into normal category eventually. Out of the people I've found, these are the ones that can actually change themselves.

Mission driven

These people have found a purpose outside of friendships/family, but are not consumed by it (can be considered a subtype of nerd). Not as good as the insane nerds on their subject matter, but are able to work with other humans effectively enough that their overall efficiency is better. Usually they do what gives their life meaning but have other recreational activities.

The Enlightened

They refuse to answer my questions and give me meandering but humorous and engaging ancedotes instead.

Keoni Gandall