Gerda malaperis epub


TL;DR epub Link:

Gerda malaperis (you may have to visit link in new tab)


A strategy I like to use when learning languages is transcribing down a beginner's book. It probably doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me. I did this with Gerda malaperis, a wonderful little book to learn Esperanto, converting it into an epub, since I didn't see one available on the internet. I used the official website, copy pasted the html into a text file, did a little processing magic with python to format it nicely, and converted with pandoc.

Gerda malaperis website

Copy-pasted Gerda malaperis

Python script to convert

Final epub

To run the script:

pandoc gerda_malaperis.txt -o gerda_malaperis.epub

Keoni Gandall